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The SeedyksterToer will gladly take you on a journey through the unforgettable outer dike area of ​​Fryslân. Over dikes, past ditches, gullies and salt marshes. The area is known as one of the most important nesting, feeding and stopping places for birds in northern Europe. Both native bird species and birds on their way to northern or southern regions feel at home here and find food in abundance. With a covered panorama car, with unobstructed views in all directions, we make round trips through this beautiful area outside the dikes. During the tour, explanations are given about the flora and fauna and stories are told about the history of Noorderleegs Buitenveld (Outside field).

On request it is also possible to make a tour through the beautiful inner-dike landscape. Think of a trip to eg Dokkum, the Elfstedentocht-phototegeltjes-bridge in Gytsjerk, the famous bridge in Bartlehiem, estate Stania State in Oentsjerk, the Ruurd Wiersma House in Burdaard, the church and the highest mound of the Netherlands in Hogebeintum or the cultural tourist information center De Witte Klok in Oudebildtzijl.

In the summer season, the panorama cars drive every Thursday afternoon at 3 pm through the outer dike area (with sufficient participation). A trip takes 1.5 to 2 hours. You can register individually for this tour, but also with a group of people.

Would you rather take a tour at a different time? Or do you find the tour too long or too short for your group? No problem. When you contact us, we will be happy to discuss all possibilities with you.

The panorama car can accommodate up to 45 people and is equipped with heating, air conditioning and toilet.


Tickets / prices:

Adults € 10.00 p.p.

Children 4 to 10 years € 5.00 p.p.

If you have a group with less than 14 adults, the costs are in consultation!