In and Outdoor activities

Our company is located at the foot of the seawall, where you can enjoy the fresh air. There is plenty to see and experience on and around our property. So we have several exhibitions and small museums. Our 24 meter high former feed silo has been converted into a watchtower, from where you have a beautiful view of the Wadden Islands, the outer dike area and the 'terpen' landscape. Children can play to your heart's content in our spacious indoor arcade. Even if you are looking for an active or exciting outdoor activity, you have come to the right place.



Our former feed silo has been converted into a watchtower. A stairwell has been installed in the silo and takes you to the 24-meter-high viewing platform. From there you have a beautiful view over the seawall over the breathtakingly beautiful landscape that has been on the Unesco World Heritage List since 2009. But you also have an impressive view over the Frisian terpen landscape. The Wadden Islands are also clearly visible in good weather. For the daredevil it is possible to abseil under professional supervision of the tower!


Covered arcade / playground

Children can indulge in our spacious covered playground. In the farm there is a big space specially equipped for children. There is, among other things, a large trampoline, a cheerful crawl tunnel, small and large building blocks, a pirate ship with slide and large chalk boards to make beautiful drawings.

Even the older children can have fun here with the football table, table tennis table, air hockey game, miniature golf course and giant shuffleboard.

Enjoy playing, jumping, crawling, sliding, building and drawing at De SeedyksterToer!


Outdoor activities

If you are looking for an active or exciting outdoor activity, you have come to the right place. So there is possibility to join us:



Take a wonderful trip on the Wadden Sea under the guidance of a guide from Wadloopcentrum Fryslân.



For the real daredevil it is possible to abseil under professional guidance from our 24 meter high watchtower. Nice for example a challenging bachelor or staff party.



With archery arrows are shot at the target with the help of an arc. Archery was formerly a hunting weapon, but nowadays it is a concentration sport, where agility, good posture, concentration and good eye-hand coordination are necessary.


GPS tour

GPS tours are a fun and active outing for teams, friends, families and colleagues. With the aid of a GPS receiver, you will go looking for clues and secret locations. Before 15 July these tours can only take place inside the dike. After 15 July it is also possible to make a GPS tour outside the dike.


Museums and exhibitions



In the beachcombing museum you will find a motley collection of items washed up on the Wadden coast near Zwarte Haan. From fish boxes to shoes and from zeeboeien to bottle mail, you can not think of it as crazy or it can be found here. All items were collected by 'bútsoeker' Leendert Ferwerda from Sint Annaparochie. For more than 20 years, the beachcomber cycled twice a day at high tide along the coast near Zwarte Haan, looking for what the sea gave back. He took everything that was whole. You can see the result with us.


Trademark exhibition

In our former milking parlor a unique collection of tools and photos about the 'slykwurk' behind the seawall between Noarderleech and Holwerd can be admired. The items tell the story of all those people who were working for years in the land reclamation outside the dikes. Workers who did not have a job after the Second World War had to work behind the seawall 'yn it slyk' via the DUW (Dienst Uitvoering Werken) and after that there were still decades of hard work on winning land from the sea. The tools and attributes used in the land reclamation, such as the 'slykslide', the 'seadelichters', the scoops for the 'grippeljen' and the 'pipegaal', can all be viewed with us, as well as a unique collection of photos and a film that was made behind the seawall at the time.


Exposition of aircraft parts and bombships from the Second World War

From 2017 we have a special exhibition of aircraft parts and bomb shards from the Second World War.

The exhibition was compiled by Harry Feenstra from Blije. At De SeedyksterToer he shows mainly parts of aircraft found in the Wadden Sea area in the Wadden Sea Region, which were killed in the Second World War between Zwarte Haan and Schiermonnikoog. These include a fuel tank, propeller blade and radiator of an aircraft. There is also an oxygen tank of an American bomber, the tail of a British bomb found on the Engelsman plate and the fuselage part of a German plane that lay at Rottumeroog. Furthermore, there are many aircraft parts and bomb shards that have been found in this region.


Exhibition Horse rescue 2006

In 2006, the Buitendijk area near De SeedyksterToer was just the center of the world. On the night of 31 October on 1 November, a severe north-westerly storm raged in the Netherlands, which flooded the Buitendijk land. A herd of about 200 horses was surprised by the rapidly rising water and sought refuge in a higher 'island'. Completely enclosed by the high water, the herd could not go any further.

A first rescue operation, carried out by the Royal Netherlands Army, failed. A new attempt followed on 3 November, during which 4 amazons on horseback drove through the water to the herd and 2 stayed on the mainland. The intention was to halt the leading mare of the herd and lead it to shore, hoping that the other horses would follow. The halt was not necessary, the herd followed the amazons automatically to shore. After about 15 minutes all horses had reached the mainland. Of the more than 200 horses, 25 died due to drowning, hypothermia or pneumonia.

With us you can have a look at all the images of the rescue action in our permanent exhibition. The striking white horse from the herd, which became world famous by a photograph of photographer Laurens Aaij and was adopted by us after the rescue, is still in our stables.