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    The SeedyksterToer
    Taste the tranquility and atmosphere of The Frisian Wadden at recreation company De SeedyksterToer

Taste the tranquility and atmosphere of the mudflats at De Seedykstertoer

We warmly welcome you to De Seedykstertoer. Our company is located on the edge of the Wadden Sea. This unique nature reserve has been on the World Heritage List since 2009 and has been designated by the UNESCO as a bio-atmosphere reserve.

You can get a breath of fresh air on the sea dike or take a trip on dikes and along slits, trenches and salt marshes in one of the most important breeding, foraging and stopping places for migratory birds in Northern Europe. We also organize weekly excursions and walking tours through the area.

The SeedyksterToer also has plenty to offer at her own location. We have various rooms where you can go for your reception, family or staff party, but also for your meeting or symposium. You are also at the right address for group outings with outdoor activities. Children can indulge in the indoor arcade.

We are open all year round from 9.30 am, on Sunday from 1.30 pm.


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