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De SeedyksterToer

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    Nature-educational recreation centre / bad weather accommodation "the SeedyksterToer" offers young and old the chance to enjoy the North West - of Fryslân outside the dikes.

    This splendid piece nature which lies in the "Friese Wad" , forms the northern border of the Netherlands. Almost 90% of this property belongs to the nature organisation It Fryske Gea. Here one finds real rest, where wind and water have a free game. We are opened complete year!

    Some of the oldest inhabitants of some surrounding villages performed, before 1970 in heavy weather heavy work to win the land from the sea. In former years with handlabour (the slikwerkers) and the last years mechanically by the deltaworks. This is how fertile agriculture ground and bird rich water areas were won from the sea. These waterareas stand under the influence of the tides. And behind the delta-high seadike, where the tides nomore have power, nearby Marrum, lies the SeedyksterToer.

    Gerben and Aukje Visbeek give you a warm welcome...


    De SeedyksterToer - Zeedijk 8 - 9073 TN Marrum - Holland - Tel. (+31) 518 41 14 34 - Fax (+31) 518 41 28 59 -

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