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    The SeedyksterToer takes you on a trip through this unforgettable outland areas, over dikes, along drenches, gutters and waterrich areas. It is known as one of the most important brooding, eating and plaster places for birds in Nordthern Europe. You can find here Domestic birds as well as migrating birds. These migrating birds are on a journey to southern or more northern ereas. They stop in this area because there is plenty of nutricious food to undertake the rest of their journey.The covererd tour wagon which provides for every one a free view is equipped with restauratian, heating, airco and sanitarian facilities.

    Above all there is also a posibility to take a tour through inland areas. For example a tour to Dokkum, the elevencity photo tile brdige in Gytsjerk, the famous bridge of Bartlehiem, the ranch Stania State in Oenksjerk, The Ruurd Wiersma House in Burdaard, the church and the highest men made hill of the Netherlands in Hogebeintum, Cultural historic information centre "the white clock" in Oudebildtzijl. The starting point of these trips is the 25 meter high watchtower.

    Rest and space is lived at the Seedykstertoer. In the summerseason the Seedykstertoer rides each Thursday afternoon at 13:30 throught the outside dike area with explanation concerning the flora and fauna and tales concerning the history of the Noorderleegs outside field.

    Ride excursions are for maximum. 45 persons. An excursion lasts normally 1,5 to 2 hours, or in consultation shorter. Underway you can obtain coffee, tea, beer and soda drinks.

    Adults € 8.50 p.p.
    Children 4 till 10 years € 4,50 p.p.

    If your group has with less than 14 adults the costs are in consultation! Please consult us fast, because the demand is great.

    A bunker from the second world war

    During the tour you are informed about all the facts of ths area


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